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was too much about him. larry king was like a piece of furniture. but piers made the show about him. and i think that when you do that, people really have to like you or they're going to really dislike you. >> i've heard kinder descriptions of larry. he was a good interviewer. >> he was a good interviewer. that's the point. >> i know. what about this notion, i mean, certainly, don lemon of cnn increasingly giving voice about what seemed to be liberal opinions. the whole idea of cnn becoming more opinionates. >> cable news is becoming more opinionated. cnn was on the low end of a survey done last year, 4r5%, but they seem to be going 340r and more in that direction. more people are getting the news from their phone. people want perspective. i think jeff zucker sees that and they want to give perspective on what's going on. >> briefly, joe, what was the show? piers morgan started out as a celebrity interviewer, they know but it never seemed to have quite an identity, did it? >> no. and that's a big key, howie. you have to have a specific brand as to what your show is. larry king had that. tv
on the list of the five most interesting founders with steve jobs and larry sergei. >> that was very flattering of him. >> what is your strategy? why do you think you should be in charge? >> the goal for yc is that there is the shift to more startups. startups are the driving force of innovation and hopefully economic growth in the future. i think we could be the nexus of the new startups. our goal is to fund the best and have them be a part of the community. one of the things people do not understand about us is how tight the community is, our alumni. it is an incredibly powerful force to have this group a really talented people that run startups that really care about helping each other. growing the community and make sure that we have the best startups and helping them, that is what we are going to do. >> yc has had its champions and its haters to be honest. how do you combat that? >> the haters thing is frustrating. any time you try to do something new and different, there are a lot of people that will be haters. the way we combat that is to keep funding good startups. as long as
well. i don't want you in atmel, but i want to, you a happy anniversary. can i go to larry in arkansas, please. larry? >> caller: yeah, jim, nice to hear from you. >> how are you? >> caller: good. i have a question about tyson stock. jim, last quarter 2013, sales up 7% from the prior year. are they keeping administrative and general expenses down and keeping the operating profit up? >> they've done a fabulous job, larry. i want to tell you, i miss it. i thought that this was a play that didn't have this kind of shelf life, but the grain costs came down. i was thinking farmed and dangerous, they're thinking it's a real fantastic situation. the bulls have been right on tyson. i have not been bullish enough. can i go to carolyn in kentucky, please? carolyn? >> caller: hi, jim, this is carolyn, morganfield, kentucky. i have a question about pinnacle foods, pf. i own some shares and i'm looking to increase my shares, but with a focus on healthy lifestyles and the slow start-up of pinnacle foods, is that a wise move? >> i don't know. i think, let's hear, they report next week. now, i will te
and resources to get the job done. stuart: time for that real halftime report. joining us from chicago, larry levin, the new york stock exchange, nicole petallides, sitting side-by-side charles payne and sandra smith. is this 1999 all over again? >> i really do not think that it is, stuart. u.s. companies doing really well. that is the big difference. u.s. corporations are doing quite well. i do not want to say it is the opposite of 1999, but certainly a much different situation. stuart: larry, you watch the show. you are baak on tomorrow and monday. 1999. your take? >> closer to 1996. that is where valuations were. right at 1996 levels. right when alan greenspan quoted the term. we are still in the early stages. not 1999, 1996. nicole, pier one. i know it is down big. why? nicole: pier one imports ccme out with their numbers. they talked about less traffic in the stores. down 7.5% right now. also hitting a new low of 1805. this stock in particular, was about $0.10 during the financial crisis. the good news is better than that. stuart: i did not know that. sandra, gold. i think it is up 11%.
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miles on every purchase, every day. what's in your wallet? i need your timesheets, larry! ukraine where a crowd of protesters blocked the car belonging to an u.n. envoy, robert suri, in crimea. james was there and tweeted throughout the entire incident. first, he tweeted the crowd chant, russia, russia, as u.n. envoy leaves coffee shop and scrambles into waiting car. finally, robert finally on his way to the airport. police having forced a way through an angry crowd. a tense situation there. well, there he goes. when it comes to the american handling of the ukrainian crisis, does america have a credibility problem itself? joining me is political analyst and washington post columnist eugene robinson. you have been writing well on this. i agree with everything you say. >> i appreciate it. >> i think it's one of those tricky cases where i thought the president went a little too far last friday. i think you disagreed with me last night on that. john kerry has a wonderful formality that seems somehow appropriate. he speaks in formal communekys naturally. >> what churchill said, it's always b
since her name was first put forward, and larry summers -- she has pressure with the oversight of these banks and they want to see how aggressively elizabeth lauren pushes janet yellen to push up oversight of the big banks. and more news off of the top. the chairman johnson will challenge yellen about tapering to quickly. he will caution the fed not to move too quickly to exit from its current policy, that we are on solid footing and the recovery is widespread. the message is, be careful you don't taper to quickly. >> as we can see, senator johnson is still speaking and we will come back to you throughout yellen's testimony. chief washington correspondent peter cook. michael, what would you ask janet yellen if you were a senator, who happened to be on the senate banking committee. >> the third point that peter made about what they will be talking about, that is the fed comments about changing their guidance in their january minutes. the don't like taking markets advice but with the 6.5% threshold basically obsolete, what is the next at the forward guidance? we have at other fed
a challenge sense barbara boxer. the billionaire tech executive formerly served as chief of staff to larry summers during the clinton presidency. could easily finance her own campaign which would run $30 million to $40le. . stories i argue thinly reported there. but we will see. >> whether she has political ambitions, obviouslyquestion. one wonder why up against bongsbong bongsbongs boxer when feinstein's up in 18 and will be 85 and expected not run. a nasty primary campaign in a democratic state. >> facebook may be losing one of its rainmakers in term of modernization. >> i think it's part of the narrative, she's 44, ambitious, she has been as we pointed out involved in politics in a way, serving with larry summers years ago. >> $1.6 billion. >> made the billionaire's list for the first time on "forbes." following berkshire's shareholder letter, warren buffett sat down with becky quick who joins us with more from omaha. tour deforce, you guys covered everything from bitcoin, coke, ibm, activism. where to begin? >> you know, i thought we'd start out talking about what's happening today, ca
. larry ellison years ago poked at them for not focusing on enterprise. a this point they've got a strong distance with xbox cloud potential, advertising potential. they can't break away from that. they've got to separate brand for the 18 to 34 set than they do for folks older who associate them with windows. they've got to figure out how to manage it. >> one to watch. not just microsoft but ballmer's future and see where that takes him over time. >>> the winkle-naut twins using bitcoin to book a flight or the virgin galactic's space flight. tickets are $250,000. my question was why would you say that on a day where an asteroid is going to come closer to the earth than the moon but clearly they're not done making news winklevoss. >> great marketing for bitcoin. the winklevosses owns a lot. getting virgin galactic back in the space. they own a lot of bitcoin at a cheap price. bitcoin is 659 according to coin desk. so the winklevoss are getting that flight cheaper than anybody. >> is this a savvy investment? >> a month ago they said we expect bitcoin to go to $4
as that bill, the should be be towed. everybody knows what the deal is about. you have a nice day, sir. larry in mississippi. we will go to walter in new jersey on our line for independents. caller: this is wrong. let's saypen up -- i'm a very conservative christian that does not a clergy.women they want to meet somewhere and i have a meeting all. to --l give me the right able open pandora's box. host: you are pushing for her to veto this bill. what pushback are you saying in the news on this bill? caller: it should be vetoed. they did not think it through. host: walter calling in from new jersey this morning on the washington journal. we should you governor brewer's tweet at the top of the show. we want to show you an interviewe that she had with cnn. it is going to hit your desk in arizona today. you are very well aware of what's next. where's your mind right now? certainly am going to go home and when i receive the bill i will read it and be debriefed on it. we have been following it. i will make my decision in the near future. i have until friday or saturday morning to determine that. >>
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14 (some duplicates have been removed)